If I had to define last weekend in one word – it would be surreal. Parra for Cuva has been a constant in my life, so it was more than a pleasure for the team at WAVLNGTH to put up his third India tour around his newly released ‘Mood in C’ EP on Project Mooncircle. With 4 cities being the action plan of the India Tour, we have had one of the most magical, dreamy and surreal weekends in a long long time. Apart from the brilliant shows, we caught up with four key people in the music industry who have worked with Parra for Cuva to share a few words about him. This has been one of the most interesting photo stories till date from collaborative artists and label managers alike…

Gordon Gieseking
Gordon Gieseking (CEO/Founder of Project: Mooncircle)
“We’ve received Nicolas his demo two years ago and I have to be honest because I’ve never heard about him and his music before. The deep atmosphere and detailed soundscape catched me from the first second. When I finally met him and Senoy in person then it was already fixed up in my mind. I would love to have them in our fam of Project: Mooncircle. Both of them fit perfectly to us and our philosophy of label work nowadays. We had such a weird experience with artists and their growing ego’s from time to time over the last 15 years and we’re a bit tired to built a solid career with someone together and then we have to struggle with their unprofessional and ignorant behaviour. Nicolas is different, he is a smart, calm and a lovely soul and I can feel so well his art compared to his personality.
People can learn a lot from him, specially as musician in the music industry.

Keep up the good work, Nicolas and it’s a pleasure to work with you, my friend!”

Aparde (Electronic Music Producer | DJ)
Aparde (Electronic Music Producer | DJ)

“I know Nicolas for two Years now and he was listening to my music before we knew each other in person. I was playing at a festival with him and he recorded one of my tracks with his smartphone in terrible quality. After he sent me the video our relationship was growing very quickly and was easy going. I would say its kind of a silent love. Since then we produced some stuff together and meet up for beer and cigarettes.”

Bijou (Singer)
Bijou (Singer)

“I met Nicolas by coincidence. He had written to me asking if I would take interest to sing on one of his songs. Turned out he was playing a show nearby where i live in Montreal and we agreed to create something in person. In the studio I was delighted by what an enjoyable dude he was to both be around and work with. I went to his show later in the evening and afterwards introduced all my friends to him as my “new super cool nice talented producer friend”

Mathieu Leglise – Label Manager / A&R Delicieuse Musique)
Mathieu Leglise – Label Manager / A&R Delicieuse Musique)

“We met Nicolas after signing his very first release the ‘Fading Nights EP’ which was a combo of 4 beautiful tracks in collaboration with singer/songwriter Anna Naklab. Back then, we were all novices in this industry and got to improve our knowledges and music experiences in general together as we were the same age. Since then we are deeply linked to each other as we evolved together. On top of that, we got to know each other in the best conditions, touring together for Delicieuse Records showcase in the Europe and in the US so we became very good friends.”

We absolutely can’t wait for our paths to cross with this talented young man once again. Thank you Nicolas, for an amazing weekend we will all remember for a long long time.

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