A residency with WWFM was a result of being productive and creating opportunities for WAVLNGTH during a tough lockdown period. Rekindling the relationship with the team brought to light a brand new show WW Mumbai curated by Aneesha Kotwani on a monthly basis from June 2020.

‘My first ever radio experience was with WWFM back in 2016 when I was invited by Thristian for a 15 minute chat and ironically it was Tasker who was taking over after, considering he was also the first artist to tour under WAVLNGTH. In 2017, I had the good fortune to meet Sarathy Korwar who pitched forth an idea to host a WWFM Mumbai Pop Up which encompassed of a five hour stream from Cotton Press Studios in Mumbai. That was the time I ticked off the box of delving my hands into producing a show. Fast forward to 2020 when life has taken a complete 360 and I decided to reach out to the team again to explore a longer term association and amidst the packed schedule WW Mumbai was born.” – Aneesha Kotwani 


WW MUMBAI – Aneesha Kotwani with SURII



‘WAVLNGTH’ is an exchange, connection, collaboration and execution of ideas around music with individuals of a similar wavelength.


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