WW Mumbai – Aneesha Kotwani and Squidworks

Joining Aneesha this month is Varoon Nair who goes by the moniker name of Squidworks. Squidworks is an art and music project by Varoon Nair started in early 2011. Born and raised in Bombay, he draws his music influences from a wide range of house and disco. He is also the head chef at Prana Cafe, part of Vaayu Village set out in 2013 with a purpose to bring together a community of like-minded people. Those with a sense of adventure and with a care for their environment. The cafe prides itself on sourcing local produce, from our cheese and bread to vegetables and even our coffee beans. Varoon was also on opening duties for Jay Carder’s gig in Goa in December and it was then that Aneesha discovered his great taste in music and selections and invited him over for her first showcase of 2022.


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