WW Mumbai – Aneesha Kotwani with Rudoh

WW Mumbai is presented by Aneesha Kotwani who runs a music and culture agency in Mumbai called WAVLNGTH. Her show brings light to music from her country and the sub-continent as well as across the globe.

This month she is joined by Pakistani music producer Rudoh, who combines his influences of Hip-Hop, LA Beats, House, Soul, and Jazz to form a strong sound of heavy poly-rhythms, squelchy bass lines and space pads with some blipity bloop sounds. He has also recently launched a label with his partner Sameer called Jugaar Records where the first EP titled ‘Vinland in Space’ is a self released one.

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‘WAVLNGTH’ is an exchange, connection, collaboration and execution of ideas around music with individuals of a similar wavelength.


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