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KAVYA returns as a solo artist



This is the first time we are bringing an international artist who is of British-Indian ethnicity. I can’t even imagine the excitement and nerves as she makes her first visit to the motherland which makes this tour a really special one for us.

House of Carder x WAVLNGTH


Zahaan Khan is a self-taught musician who goes by the moniker Zanuski. A music composer, producer & songwriter, he moonlights as the same for the Indian film & TV industry. From releasing singles that span across genres like punk & post-rock, an acoustic EP as a songwriter, to now producing electronic & acoustic-instrumental music, diversity & experimentation are elemental to his journey as an artist.

Curated by WAVLNGTH

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“ I think one thing that inspires creativity in me is experimentation. I collect a lot of different sounds and styles of production that I admire. I keep a bank of tracks that I use as templates if I like a drumbeat or strings or anything that strikes a chord. The ideal situation for me in terms of production would be like to get a cabin in Norway. No distractions whatsoever and just be fully focused. Whenever I produce I have been distracted by work, living in a city or friends. I would be interested to see how my sound would change and how productive I would be if I just restricted myself to calmness. My track for @krunkkulture has had many lives. It started off as a dancehall vibe with vocals and middle eastern strings. I wanted to make something super interesting and fusing a lot of sounds. I left it for ages and then picked it up again in London because I was frustrated that I wasn’t making music and pushing myself. I changed the strings to a different instrument, bought a bunch of plug ins and was quite happy with the new output. So from a dancehall middle eastern track to a spooky synth-y melodic kind of sound, the transition was like a happy accident. I finally finished the track and sent it around to loads of people and @sohailarora was like, “This is dope! Can I include it in the compilation?” and it just happened from there.” - @suchiahuja (Producer/DJ) . . . @krunkkulture by @krunklive debut compilation Kaala Khatta out on all platforms. Link:

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Tarun Balani

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