Seth Troxler | Mumbai

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Next up was Mumbai and we were so eagerly looking forward to the night as for the first time we were working on something big – not just with respect to the artist billing but also with the experience. It was a pleasure to have Oscillate India on board for this event and as for the rest, we shall let the pictures do the talking 🙂

The first country that Seth Troxler ever visited in his life was India. Coming back to the country after 15 years, a lot definitely changed but some experiences/moments definitely brought back the memories – such as eating ice cream from Naturals! Apart from all the reminiscing, it was mandatory to get the custom shave and head massage from the local barber shop, eating Indian Chinese and the highlight was rekindling with his family and sharing a moment of gratitude, love and respect.

January 12th will be a night etched in our hearts forever. With a 6 hour mammoth set, on point lights and a crowd that just brought it we are extremely thankful and grateful to each and every one of you who purchased their ticket and to our entire team and partners involved!

Photo Credit: Mitsun Soni

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