Let The Light In feat. Kavya

Tarun Balani released his debut EP 2degrees (which is intended to be a comment on our changing environment, drawing influence from the climate change movement) and hopes to portray a different imagined reality of what the world might look like. He has drawn inspiration from heavy subjects like climate change, mental health, digital existentialism as unfortunately we are all living in this reality.

One often disregards the power of pain and suffering as a pathway for us to discover self-love, self-care and healing.  Whether it’s us, or our partner, a friend or a family member, allowing ourselves, and them the room to acknowledge this state of fragility/vulnerability, is where we often fall short.

Through this song/video, Tarun depicts a person who’s suffering, and not in a state of good mental health, together with their partner experiencing the process of healing, self care and recovery. 

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