WW Mumbai – Aneesha Kotwani with Kohra, Pavithra Chari, Roy and Dub Sharma and Ynzn P

WW Mumbai is presented by Aneesha Kotwani who runs a music and culture agency in Mumbai called WAVLNGTH. Her show brings light to music from her country and the sub-continent.

For her second episode, for the first hour she delves into her nomadic spirit, showcasing music from around the globe. This is her first summer unable to travel and explore different music cultures (A special shout out to Annida Kathuria a fellow nomadic spirit for some recommendations for the mix!). For the second hour she is joined by guests Kohra, Pavithra Chari from Shadow and Light, Roy and Dub Sharma and Ynzn P from Nepal where they all showcase music ranging from ambient, electronica, DnB, neo-classical, contemporary, Bollywood film covers, hip hop, breakbeat, footwork, future beats and more in an encapsulating, diverse range of genres.

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‘WAVLNGTH’ is an exchange, connection, collaboration and execution of ideas around music with individuals of a similar wavelength.


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