Recorded in a single take to capture an improvised approach, “Quin” is conceptualised around the importance of self-love and nurturing oneself. “To know when to put your guard down, and surrender to simple apologies is an instant weight of one’s shoulders. What better way to do this, than to be one’s own example?,” Kayva explains. Quin is an exploration of Kavya’s vulnerabilities. This deep self-reflection manifested into a track where the artist apologises to herself for being too tough and over analytical while growing up. From hypnotic electronic thumps to warbly psychedelia, Kavya’s “Quin” reminds us what makes you vulnerable, makes you beautiful.

“This is an intimate song about a mixture of deep feelings and internal thoughts where we tend to be stuck in a time loop; memories of pain and regret, joy and childhood. And, we keep blocking ourselves inside segments dreaming that one day we can find a way to navigate through” – Abdallah El Daly (director of the Official Music Video of ‘Quin’)

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