Nyege Nyege

The Irresistible Urge To Dance

In 2019, WAVLNGTH founder Aneesha Kotwani and her dear friend/DOP Sabit Tisekar spent 8 days in Jinja, Uganda attending the 5th edition of Nyege Nyege. What started as a whatsapp conversation between Aneesha and the founders of the festival to explore the idea of building a partnership and exchange between Indian and African artists led to the creation of a music documentary marking their second production after Seth Troxler.

The documentary captures the energy and celebratory moments of music across all genres, people from all over the world partying day into night into morning by the source of the river Nile and basically there are just happy smiles everywhere.

Nyege Nyege was a life changing experience for us and we hope it is just the beginning of many more incredible things to come.


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