Deep House is in the man’s blood. Aakmael is a DJ/Producer from Richmond VA who creates some of the deepest and rawest house tracks with the perfect blend of smooth vocals and hard hitting deep house instrumentals making it extremely dance floor friendly. I stumbled upon his music mainly because of his association with one of my favourite labels ‘Church’ and wanted to feature his music on my first mix for Indian community radio – Boxout.fm. So I hit him up to check if he’d be up to share his tunes from his new EP on Axe on Wax Records. And it all kicked off from there…

Greg aka Aakmael has been around the scene for over 20 years having started off with hosting a radio show on a local radio station before it became a global phenomenon. He runs his own label called UnXpozd and has held residencies at various house and dance spots like Metro, Clubhouse, After6, Club Colours, Nite World, Clubhouse, Hung Jury (DC). The initial interaction made me want to delve into knowing more about him as an artist. This interest has resulted into a 1 on 1 scenario based piece where Greg’s response is only in the form of track selections.


 One track that defines real house music, taking it back to the roots. Why?

Thinking about the roots, one track that defines real house music to me is Virgo Four – “The Dryer”.  This track is filled with pure deepness, lush chords, dreamy atmosphere, just perfect.

One track that you have dropped the most in your sets. Why?

Not sure how to answer, as most of my sets are different lol.


 Best female vocal track you’ve ever heard. Why?

Jennifer Mickey – “Keep On Believing”.  The singing in this song reflects the music perfectly, and I really love the message she’s pushing.  I’ve had to keep believing many times in my life for many things, so it’s a message that’s appropriate at any point in your life.

Track by an artist who is from your hood, that we should watch out for? why?

In my hood, is mostly a hip hop, rock, edm community.  No other house producers in Richmond, VA I’m afraid.


One track that has been a huge influence for you with respect to the kind sound you push through your DJ’ing and production? Why?

Black Jazz Consortium – “Groove Meditation”.  This track to me is pure deep underground house music.  Not too much going on, dope chords chill beat.  It’s perfect head-knod music.  I play something like this later on in a set when things get steamy and deep!

Your goto track on a bad day. Why?

So, if I’m having a bad day I may go to something like Marlon D – “Jesus Creates Sound”.  This is a dope filler track for me as it can easily blend in with a nice vocal track OR a dope deep house groove.

One record that you have purchased which is your most prized possession. Why?

Todd Edwards – “Fly Away”.  This is one of the tracks I searched for years before I finally ran across an I! records Todd album.  It has the main version on it, I still want the original single with the dubs tho lol (Discogs maybe?)

Perfect opening track? Perfect closing track? What about the track makes it perfect?

That one is difficult to answer.  There’s no time where I play the same track to open, as every situation is different.  It mainly depends on what the opening dj is spinning when I get on.  As for closing, whatever I’m playing when they happen to turn off the sound lol.  I be in a zone.


One track you have produced that you are most proud of or is your personal favourite. Why?

That’s a great question, many of my tracks are personal fav’s lol.  But if I had to choose one…I’d have to go with Dubb – released on Hizou Records.  To me the track is just dope, period 🙂

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