Jasarat Ali, a music enthusiast, DJ & supreme commander of the Imperial Fleet Ethereal Kollektiv is originally from Srinagar (J&K, India) and is currently living in Toronto (Canada). Through the podcast and premiere platform his aim is to create an ethereal world through the musical imagination, perception, production, beauty and creativity of various artists. The constant need for exploring new sounds and search for new talent intrigued me to know more about this individual. It’s been a great journey for him so far and looking at his determination, a lot of good things seem to coming our way through this integral platform.

What made you start Ethereal Kollektiv? How long has it been for the platform? 

That’s easy, it’s the hatred for all the bullshit music that was considered gold at that time Haha…

Ethereal Kollektiv formerly TECH TRIP was started back in 2011 as a registered student group by Hamza Noor and Me. The main idea was to foster harmony among students through a socially accepted, diverse and universally known medium of Electronic Music while providing a platform where new artists from the University could showcase their talent. Next step was to showcase their talent all over city of Toronto with a focus on DJ and Live Act performances producing & playing the kind of electronic music that was unheard of at the time. But just like the music we are passionate about, our goals, ideas and beliefs were in constant evolution. Through our experiences, we shaped our values and refined our musical taste. We out grew the name that once embodied our mentality and style. Hence Ethereal Kollektiv was formed.  I would like to thank all who are, were a part of our history but a special shout out to Hamza Noor, Aleksandar Kojic, Emile Mamary, Gabriel Belmudes, Andrew Werbowie, Bilal Farrukh, Karim Aloul and Rakan Sayegh.


 You live in Toronto, how would you describe the electronic music scene there? 

It’s booming, way better than what it was 4 years ago with tons of new festivals and amazing lineups each time. I can’t say if it has reached it’s peak but Toronto is getting there.


Which clubs in your city are getting it on point, musically?

Ahh a question like this can only make me miss Footwork and Cabal where music was always on point. There are only a few left now Coda, Parlour and Nest. Hopefully there will be more opening soon.


 Favourite Ethereal Kollektiv podcast and why? 

There are many but some of my personal favourites are Daywalker , Nature of MusicDeivimal, Gabriel Belmudes, DUK and Just Emma.  They all have a unique track selection mixed very smoothly with some dope samples.


 Do you DJ as well? If yes, how would you describe your sound?

Haha no I don’t, I just stand in front of the decks and pray to god everything goes smoothly. I started DJing in 2009 and I DJ under the alias of Ali.J and Cabbalistic (with Aleksandar Kojic). My sound is Dark, Cerebral and Melodic layered with samples, effects and my favourite street fighter combos. I had taken a break from DJing as Ali.J for sometime to focus on Cabbalistic but now I’m back at it. I’m slowly bringing darker sounds in my mixes and moving away from the vocals. Over the years I have been DJing mostly as Cabbalistic and I love it. It’s where I go all out and embrace my Darkside and try out new stuff on the fly. Cabbalistic is a DJ and Live act where we use improv synths and samples all thanks to my partner in crime Aleksandar Kojic.

Name some of the other podcast platforms across the world that you think are dishing out quality electronic music?

MousikeClub Autonomica,  Afterhour SoundsKlangxtase & Play by Ear are my current favourite podcasts. I also listen to Sweet melodic, AkumandaraKrad podcastOrient Art, Deep & Smooth, SeasidetripDeepistHDNSM and Room84.


What does it take to run a successful podcast platform? 

It doesn’t take a lot these days every second person is a DJ so finding artists is easy but finding good ones is the hard part. Above all you always got to remind yourself what the main goal is and for us that’s always been showcasing new and upcoming artists without compromising the quality.


What’s next for Ethereal Kollektiv?

The plan next is definitely getting back to throwing events


 3 Artists to watch out for:

Falki Hoz, Nature of MusicAleksandar Kojic.


Share one special musical (club or festival) experience with us

Electric Island this year with Papa Sven Vath now that was a sick party with quality sound where music was on point.

Ethereal Kollektiv also hosted a podcast courtesy #WAVLNGTHartist Kaleekarma for their Deep Sessions series with some  soulful creations by gallardomusicanatalialafourcadeyo, Gustavo Guerrero, arutanig-e-j-uestray-1stanisha959er, Nomi Solo, in2deepofficialfulltonemahharobanicola-noirmidas104, Chris Schwarzwalder, Jo.Ke, Mo, iannisritterfrivolousbedouin-officialkadebostan, Dikanda and MM Ederlezi.

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