Think Boiler Room! Think NTS Radio! Think Whities! Tasker is a true local hero within the underground music scene in the UK. A DJ & music programmer from London, Nic runs the record label “Whities” which is a sub label of Young Turks records and holds a weekly slot on NTS Radio broadcasting his show “88 Transition” for 2 hours every Sunday night. He has been a prominent figure in the London music scene over thel ast 5 years being one of the first members of the now infamous Boiler Room, whilst manning the counter at Phonica Records one of th cities top record stores. Nic also co-runs the party Principals and curates a playlist for 22 tracks. 

Making his India debut for our launch tour, we hit up some of his mates who are also influential individuals in them music industry, asking them how he has been an in influence to their work/lives or just share a memorable experience with us! And here’s what they got to say…

THRIS TIAN (Boiler Room / Worldwide FM / Dark & Lovely Global Roots)
THRIS TIAN (Boiler Room / Worldwide FM / Dark & Lovely Global Roots)​

“He’s no friend of mine, I regret ever meeting the fool  Words can’t describe, he’s a bonafide G”

BRADLEY ZERO (Rhythm Section / Boiler Room)
BRADLEY ZERO (Rhythm Section / Boiler Room)

“I spent 3 of the most intense, crazy and wonderful years with Nic as part of the (then very small) core team that ran boiler room, not only in London but internationally. It was essentially a bunch of novices taking on a gargantuan task, whilst paving a completely new path for ourselves within the industry. There where ups and downs, triumphs and failures, but throughout this time Nic pretty much kept me sane. On top of being a level headed (most of the time), all round nice guy, Nic is one of the best Dj’s I know and his belief in what he does is inspiring. I’m happy to call him a friend, colleague and a huge influence on what I do.”

“It’s not my first memory of Nic, but one that I particularly enjoy – he taught me the expression “chin stroking”, when we were hosting a Boiler Room in Miami on top of a very swanky hotel during Miami Winter Music Conference. The roof was full of techno bros and very bored looking models who didn’t react the slightest when Jamie xx was playing the perfect set. Nic grabbed the mic and said something along the lines of ‘Stop standing around and stroking your chin for fucks sake – its Jamie XX playing!’. I laughed and have been using this expression ever since!” 

Catch Tasker at a dance floor near you:

06 May: Delhi @ Bandstand

07 May: Mumbai @ antiSOCIAL

08 May: @Pune @ The High Spirits

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